Lightweight 29er Muni & 26" DH rig

I’ve decided that my 36er is going to stick around for a while, so I’m selling my 26er Muni too.

Color coded for your convenience…

First up is my 29er. I built this 29er up as a twinner for my 700c road uni, but just couldn’t make it jive with my riding style. It’s an excellent lightweight XC setup. Very fast, and climbs incredibly well. I had it set up tubeless, but found that with the narrow rim, you have to run pretty high PSI to avoid burps on drops. Therefore, I had better luck with a tube in it. It’s got about 10 miles worth of riding on it.

I have about $850 into it. I’ll let it go for $650, but I’m open to offers.

Next up is my DH setup. This has been my go to Muni for the last year (bought new last spring), and like all Nimbus muni’s it’s built like a tank. Standard 3" Duro setup tubeless, never burps. Has a set of Brycer’s Maggies on it. The orange on the brake line is some self adhesive vinyl tape that clings to itself. Check out LanceB’s hotrod uni for the same tape. On a Muni, it got torn up pretty quickly. This’n has lot’s of miles on it, but like I said, these Muni’s are bombproof.

I have about $450 into this one plus some extras (see below). I’ll take $350, but again I’m open to offers.

29er Specs:

Nimbus II Muni frame (illusion blue color)
Velocity Dyad rim
Spirit Cranks 165/137
TRP Spyre brake with Kool-stop pads
Avid dialed lever
Maxxis Ignitor tire
Atom Lab GI pedals
KH Street saddle

I’ve also got a tubeless kit I’ll throw in, spare tube, seat cover, brake line, and other spares that I keep for every uni I build.

26" Specs:

Standard Nimbus Muni specs,

Black Nimbus II Muni frame
Duro tire
KH Street saddle
Atomlab GI pedals
Double QR seat clamp
165/137 DH cranks

I also have another set of black Maggies for this one, as well as some plain 165 cranks and DMR V8 pedals. Oh, and a spare tube and seat cover as well.

If you want, I’ll cut you deal and sell them both for an even $1000 ;).

I’ll ship, but would really prefer not to.


26er is SOLD.

29er is still for sale. Let’s find it a good home!

Nice! Glad I was able to be along on the last ride of the 26er before it went to its new home. Do we have a new riding partner to drag along with us now?

Uh, no. :wink:

Congrats on the sale. Were you able to sale it locally to someone in Ogden?
Looking forward to going on another ride soon.

It was a guy passing through headed for SLC I believe.

Let’s ride again soon!

Yeah, we need to.


29er is still for sale…



Let’s get this sold, price drop to $600.

Still $600.

Update: Still asking $600 outright, but I will also consider a frame + some cash. I’m looking for a chrome or black, steel round crown 29er frame, or possibly 26er frame. Doesn’t have to be fancy, something along UDC’s Trainer line would be about it.


Closing since this thread is getting a bit cluttered and may be hard to understand.