Lights for the Parade

Check out the lights at the link below. They would be great for the big parade
in Seattle–or for the 2.5 mile tunnel we do on July 25!

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

I saw a similar wheel light system at the Seattle Bike Expo. The model at the bike expo wasn’t as fancy as the Hokey Spokes, but it did look cool.

The Hokey Spokes can handle can handle several light units on a wheel and keep all of them in sync (using a wireless infrared to handle communication between units). The one at the bike expo could only handle one light unit per wheel. With only one light unit on the wheel the wheel needs to spin faster to make a good image. Therein was the problem for a unicycle. The unit at the bike expo had to be going at more than 10 mph before it got a recognizable image. The Hokey Spokes recommend a speed of “only” 7 mph when using 3 light units on a wheel. But 7 mph is still a fast clip on a unicycle. Much faster than a parade moves.

Cool lights, but not practical on a unicycle in a parade.