Lights for my Unicycle

Hey everyone,

I am looking for lights for my unicycle. Prefered LED Lights. Any recommendation?


What type of riding are you doing?

For the rear light, I prefer a planet bike superflash. It’s very bright and has AAAs, so it’s not hard to keep extra batteries around. Lasts for a while though. I mount mine to the seatpost or strap it to the bag I’m wearing at the time.

For the front, a cateye 300 is very versitile. If you’re on the road that’s probably all you need, if you’re planning on riding trails at night, I recommend a cheap cree LED from amazon. I have one mounted to my helmet, and it’s around 700-1000 lumens for $35. It’s big, and cheap though, so I doubt it will last long.

Helmet mounted front lights are going to be better for unicycling. If you drop your wheel you wont risk damaging the light, and you can look around while riding to find terrain up ahead or close in. If you can afford 2, get a spread to mount in a safe place on a handlebar and a spot for the helmet.

I’m using the Lezyne Macro Drive Duo helmet light…it has both front and rear lights in the one unit…it is great unit for unlit roads when combined with small inexpensive frame mounted leds.

I just ride with generic cheapo red/white bike lights, the sort you’ll find in a bike shop or even something like an Asda/Walmart.

I also have an awesome front headlight for riding the dark trails - it’s a Light and Motion 500, and to be honest is a bit overkill for even the pitch-blackness I ride in. I can usually keep it on the dimmest setting. I like it because the mount allows it to swivel in any direction - perfect for my weird-shaped Qu-Ax handlebars.

Obligatory pic:

Be careful about using that headlight upside down. I’ve heard of them leaking when used that way, and Light & Motion are officially discouraging it now.

They do look like nice lights though.

Hmm, odd, never heard of that… I don’t actually mount it upside-down usually, I tend to have it sideways between the two bars so it doesn’t point too far upwards. I’ll keep that in mind though, thanks! :smiley:

Noor lighted cycling jacket

This looked interesting for riding at night.

I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that… Somewhat ironically.

I find rear lights are an annual thing. I have spent everything from £2.99 in Asda to £20 in a bike shop and can’t say the expensive ones last any longer, so I just buy cheap every year now.
For the front I have a cheap frame mounted light, basically because it’s a legal requirement here. I also use a claimed 2000 lumen head torch I got on amazon. It’s lasted 3 years now, and is plenty bright enough for the speed I go on my 24" muni. I think it’s as good a set up as possible without a handle bar!

Yep I had exactly the same setup, down to the cheap £2.99 light set from Asda! :smiley: Great setup, but I’m not a huge fan of lights with battery packs.

I find the battery pack ok. It sits nicely in the pocket on the top flap of my pack & having the battery there means less weight on my head or helmet. Also, it means I can use a bigger battery which means more riding time riding & less time waiting for batteries to charge!

My cheapo Cree light with battery pack was great up until the point the wires connecting the light to the battery failed. After that I decided to go for lights without them, and the one I’m using now (as seen above) lasts a full week of commuting without needing a charge :smiley: