Lighting up my uni

I found this website yesterday, and realised that it’d be absolutely PERFECT for adding ‘neon’ lights to a unicycle, and I -had- to get some. I just ordered 10ft. of extra-bright purple, and it should be in the mail on Monday. I’m probably going to end up pimpin’ my learner uni (Torker LX); I’m planning on lining the bottom edges of the saddle and spiraling it around the frame. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to weave/wrap it around the spokes and stick the battery back near the hub. No matter what I do, It’ll look really awesome :smiley: I’ll post pics when it comes and I put it all together.

cool! can’t wait to see it. GReat for night parades and concerts. Or night time muni. :sunglasses:

This is great! :slight_smile: I think it would be really cool if you stick it on the rim

It came out AWESOME :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t know how to resize photos for a forum. Giant pic warning!

Rediculous. That’s sick… I always wanted to use that stuff, but never got the extra 30 bucks to spend on it.

I was unsure about this. I thought it might look a little tacky, but I was wrong! Your uni in that pic looks so cool! :smiley: Nice shade of blue.

Here’s a bite-sized version of your pic.

Really cool!

EDIT: Hmmm, just saw it resized elsewhere…

Yeah, I figured out how to resize it when uploading to imageshack, so I uploaded it again.