Lightest trials/street frame? What unis are these too?

Hi i’m new to unicycling just wanting to upgrade my nimbus i bought a little while ago.

I’m wondering what’s a good trials or street frame to upgrade to. Heard the KH is good? heard that theres loads of different versions ? like the blue ones from 2005 apparently tilll now??

My friend showed me this uni… what is it?

That frame looks pretty light, anyone know the weight? what brand is it? what’s up with the bearing holders?


how about this uni?

what frame is taht? looks sexy! any good? Better than the KH or the one above it?

^how abuot that frame? looks so sexy? the welds look dope… what model is it? never seen it before/ is it heavy?


Kris Holm unicycles are good, light and are good for all types of riding.

That unicycle might be a bedford unicycle only because of the bedford sticker on the frame?

Yeah the KH is the better one, and in my opinion, the best looking.
I’m not entirely sure what the top uni is, its a bedford.
The second is the Koxx XTP. Its strong and light, but is purely for trials… oh and costs £440! Actually, it did cost that but i dont think its available any more.
The Bottom unicycle is another Koxx, Which is basically a koxx devil with parts to make it look a bit different. I dont think its particularity light and to be honest isnt an upgrade for a nimbus.

If your going to upgrade your nimbus Id suggest the KH20 frame. I upgraded My Koxx devil with that frame among other things (tyre, custom seat, new post)

The first picture shows Dan Heatons old titanium frame. After Dan Heaton owned it he gave it to Zack Baldwin and I think then Sponge bought it from him. Its the only frame like this ever made so you cant buy it.

I would recoment you the Kris Holm Frame. If you dont like the blue ask somebody to powedercoat it.

Yup, and definitely go for the KH. Best one on the market I think. Get long or short neck depending on what length post you want. You can always cut the long if it is to long.

If you got some money to put into your upgrades, and you like the idea of the Ti frame, you can put in an order for a Triton “Sponge”, which was designed by the current owner of that first uni… however the design is not the same… the Triton has a better design for trials, which you mentioned.

If your on a smaller budget you may want to look into the KH.

here you find some more input…

Marco stand up 1.jpg

go with kh. guaranteed strength and its plenty light enough.

i personally will probably never go with titanium frames just becuase of how much they are…but especially not now, because i’d like to see how all the ti frames hold out in the next couple years. id hate to get a ti frame and have it snap like many frames in their early days of production do…

you could also go with one of my Carbon fiber frames. i think they are still the lightest frame on the market and have a year warranty. a lot of people cant afford the price at $400 though.
heres some good pics of the frame…

Anyone broken any yet? I’m okay with aluminum for now, but just wondering.

To the OP: if you do a little research you’ll find the weights of some frames on the manufacturers’ web sites. also has some component weights in their product pages.

You can also search these forums and find what you need. Just search for “frame weight” or something similar. Lots of threads already posted here.

I put a Ferrari sticker on my Prius… why doesn’t it go any faster?

I have a similar problem.
I put a NASA sticker on my unicycle. Although thats probably why I cant get to the moon.

It doesnt go any faster? :thinking: Sounds like you got a dud sticker.

I just thought it might be a bedford because of the sticker. I dont put Koxx one stickers on my KH frame.

its surprising no one has mentioned the Impact (aDDict) frames. they are light and strong. cheaper too.

we had a few problems with the prototypes but thats why they were just prototypes. so far no one has broken one of the final designs. and now if you order we have an updated design with a stronger neck piece. same price. also i forgot to add that all our orders are done custom so you can have any length neck you want (no extra cost) and shipping is included (to lower 48 states or international shipping< $20).

Ahh, I can’t view the pics in the first post. I’m in China right now and the internet censorship blocks most media hosting sites… Can anyone put the images on the Unicyclist gallery for me?

I miss my (old) uni, and would like to see some old pictures of it! haha. It’s only a frame left by itself now. But hell, it was a mean uni. Nearly a decade old, the frame is…