Lightest Trials Frame.

I’ve searched, but very few manufacturers, label thte weight of there frames. VERY annoying. What is the lightest trials/street frame that you have found? Including oversease frames, when I buy my next frame I want it to be the lightest around! But with resonable durability.

I don’t know exact weights, but surely the new KH is one of the lightest ones, as it’s aluminum. I also think you can get a titanium frame from Japan, but it may be geared toward Freestyle. You might need a wider version for a fatter tire.

Basically keep your eyes out for aluminum and titanium frames. Not only will they be light, because they’re more expensive to make they will usually incorporate good structural design as well.

I have found this a problem also. when it comes down to it, all a frame needs to have is

durable bearing holders that don’t interfere with grinding but protect the hub flange.

flat crown

fat seat tube to eiliminate twisting

break bosses (if you’re into that sort of thing)

wide enough to fit whatever tire you may want

after that, the frame just needs to be out of the way, and as light as possible. weight is one of the most importaint factors in my quest for a new frame.

From my estimates (compared to a very similar SH frame), my frame should be around 1.7-2.0lbs, but thena gain it’s not production and isn’t for sale to the general public. The Alethes frame (ridden by Ryan Atkins and Jeff Groves) is 1.24lbs, from what I remember, which is slightly less than the KH.

Titanium isn’t really used for trials frames. The only person I know who rides a ti trials frame is Zack Baldwin.

Where can you get the Alethes Frames? I searched but couldn’t find anything.

I talked to Mike a little while ago. He said the frames need some more improvements since he isn’t happy with the durability. Therefore they are still in the testing phase and will be for sale when he is satisfied. In the meantime, I would say just get a Yuni frame for $40. They are pretty light and very cheap. If you feel that it is holding you back you can upgrade later.

Ya I use a Titanium trials frame. All of the Japanese trials riders do also. They have both titanium trials and freestyle frames.