Lightest splined trials unicycle

What components do you think would make the lightest splined trials unicycle not including custom parts (like custom TI frame, TI Hub).

So listing only parts already on the market, what do you think would be the lightest?

Knoxx-1 Deval with cf seat base(might have to get a difrent seat) Thompson Srat post(no rail adpture) not shour but maybe the KH 05 frame.

Agreed. KH frame, Try-All Rim, Koxx ISIS hub and cranks, steve wallis (sp?)death grip handle/seat base combo utilising thompson seat post with titanium fittings. DMR V12 MAgnesiums. Not sure which is the lightest tyre.

Titanium spokes on the wheel (available from UDC, although I don’t know anyone who’s ever bought them…)
Saddle: Probably an air seat filled with helium on a CF base. :wink:
I’d guess Clipless pedals would be the lightest if you don’t mind a few broken ankles.

I think on the 24" the Onza frame is lighter than the Aluminum KH Frame. Don’t know if the same holds true on the trials.

The KH 2005 trials unicyle is the lightest trials unicycle (12.45 pounds compared to Koxx Devil which is 13 pounds)
It has the lightest splined hub and crankset and the lightest frame
But to make it lighter you could swap the tire for a Monty tire which is a few ounces lighter.
The Koxx rim is lighter by an ounce (but isn’t eyeletted so for the weight I would stick with the KH as it is stronger)
swap the seat base and metal reinforcement plate for a carbon fiber base which will save you a lot of weight
the Snafu pedals are really heavy so I would swap them for some lightweight magnesium ones



This may be the lighest trials uni out there, I weighted in and its 10 Lbs.

KH wheelset
KH Frame
Thompson post directly attached to S. Waliss CF base, CF bumper, CF handel.
Odessy twisted PC pedals.

profiles with a ti spindle is light but not sure how that would work w/ the berings. ti + other metals usually dont go well

where did you get that cf handle and that cf bumper ?

From S.Waliss, he does complete carbon saddles, search around the link to his site will be in a thread somewhere.

Wrong!!! I think??? A lighter seat post clamp and no bumper!


I am not saying this is the lightest trials uni possible, but it has to be one of the lightest or the lightest out there

Also some other things:
KH frame is lighter than Koxx
KH cranks weigh the same as Koxx
KH hub weighs the same as Koxx
KH rim is lighter than Try-all

Wow! 10 lbs, and pretty dang strong!

Make sure you get the right brand of air in your tire, though.

Ok, let’s take this to the limit, how much difference would a lighter than air gas in the tyre make? If any can give me the volume of a tyre i’ll do the numbers.

That’d be great. Wouldn’t having it under pressure remove this advantage though?

No, aslong as they were at the same pressure, infact the highgher the pressure the more difference it would make, as there would be more gas in total. We’re talking way less than gram in total at a rough guess though.

Re: Lightest splined trials unicycle

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 06:22:58 -0500, kington99 wrote:

>Ok, let’s take this to the limit, how much difference would a lighter
>than air gas in the tyre make? If any can give me the volume of a tyre
>i’ll do the numbers.

Has been discussed many times before. Do a forum search for helium.

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I just weighed(sp?) my KH! It´s slightly modified, but only with stuff that are available on the market (nothing custom)
Things I have switched:
Saddle: UDC gel
Pedals: DMR V8
Tire: Try-all sticky

This is how much everything weigh, in grams.
Seat post…202
Saddle… 880
Tire… 1040
Rim tape…24
Bearing holder.72
other stuff…90
Total…5332 g!!!

So do anyone of you know how much your unis weigh?

Is it possible to go tubeless with a trials?


I don´t know, but you will save 180.
Fold, overs would make a big problem though.