Lightest KH29 ever!

OK, I ordered a KH29 from AE Bikes on Wednesday. Yesterday, I get a notice with a UPS tracking number. When I pull up the tracking number, it shows a shipping weight of 1.0 lb.
This must be the super rare earth metal model, with 100 lbs of helium in the tire. How else could they ship it for only $7.95?

It’s due here Wednesday, a Valentine’s present from my wife.

can i be your wife?

Why? You want to buy me a uni, too? :slight_smile:

sorry, i thought you said “for my wife”

hah thats weird…thats how i read it too,
until i read it over twice after reading this

what the i read it that way too!

me too

i read it as “for my wife” too. it didn’t even register in my mind that guys might get valentine’s gifts too.

Maybe it was a valentines day gift from his wife. :wink: :smiley: :wink:

Not me. I gues I’m the odball in this group:p :slight_smile:

yeah but your old :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to be the exeption