Lightest Coker Tire

I have ridden on a ordinary Coker tire ordered 2008 - 1700 gram. This Coker tire is extremely light compared to my other ordinary Coker tire ordered 2006 - 1900 gram. The tire from 2006 may have rolled over 6.000 km. I have shaved off the outer knobs on the tire when it have been rubbed down a bit on the middle. Now it was time to do it on the light tire from 2008 - 1700 gram. When I started rubbing of the knob I realised that it was hole under the knob. The tire is also very loose on the edge of the tire and there is also some sand and grawel in the holes. The holes is under the gum spike on the tire. So I think the 200 gram is the gum missing on the edge of the tire. Anybody else who have got this problem? (I think the tire is useless now).

DSCF0060 (Small)_1.jpg

DSCF0058 (Small)_1.jpg

How many knobs did you check? Could be just a manufacturing defect, unless it’s uniform all around.

It is definitely a manufacturing defect. It is an area on the outer side of the tire (outermost knobs) about 30 - 40 cm.

I have mailed Coker cycles…no response…yet… :frowning:

They are usually really quick on e mails.

Just wanted to chime in that my tire, with approximately 4000 miles on it, is starting to show signs of similar voids all the way around. The voids are visible on 2/3rds of the knobs currently. I plan to still ride until there’s cord showing in the middle or I get a flat. Unfortunately my camera doesn’t seem to like focusing on the tire, but here’s an image of my tire’s current wear state.

Your camera has a near focus limit, your camera is just too close to the tire and you are past the range that it is able to focus. Try backing the camera up and zooming in if you can.

Also, have the nubs on the side just worn off like that? Or did you shave them down a bit as well?

Also, couldn’t you remove the tire, and fill the voids where they happen? It may be a bit time consuming, but may work/

I don’t think it is a defect, or a problem; just the way they make them.

When I’ve shaved down Nightrider tyre treads they have similar air pockets in the larger outside knobs. I guess it is just an artefact of the rubber moulding process that it doesn’t fill in completely.

As the holes seem to be very regular and pretty small, I think it shouldn’t cause any trouble with riding.


With riding roads I am guessing you mean?

Finally an answer from Coker

Thank you for sending us some pictures to help explain what is happening with your tires. Due to the mileage run on your tires we recommend using the XLR street tread tire. It has a flatter profile and is designed for street riding. In the future please refrain from shaving or cutting the tread on the Coker Cycle tires. These tires are not designed for any modification such as this and any shaving or cutting of the tread will void the warranty. Please feel free to call me at ---*** Extension *** or email me at ********@*. if you have any questions.

A lot of words, for not answering your questions.

Or off-road, unless tiny bits of dirt getting stuck to the tyre causes problems for you.

I agree their reply is pretty weak - they just don’t seem to know any more than you do. Suggesting the ‘XLR’ (their name for the TA ‘radial’ tyre) is fair - that will last longer; but that is not the question being asked.

It’s a bit odd that they request you not to modify your own property. Sounds like silly paranoia that you may think they’re liable for your own experiments.


That is standard for anything sold in the US it seems. Modifying it will void the warranty. If they saw what Eric does with his tires they would shudder.


I was about to throw the damaged tire. Then I looked inside the tire and discovered how it looked. Looks like there is not enough rubber on one edge of the tire. This is where there are holes in the studs in the tire and the mud is penetrating the tire and punctured the tube.

Coker tire_1.jpg

Coker tire_2.jpg

Yuck, that looks like a bad tire, Juul. It’s clear from that inside pic that the rubber wasn’t right - shouldn’t show the threads like that. I hope Coker will replace it for you.


All my light weight xc tires are like that.

On one side and not the other?

just the inside

Sorry, I meant: on one edge of the inside and not the other? The photo above looks like the rubber didn’t cover evenly across the width of the inside tire. That’s why it looks like a defect.


OHH mine is that way all the way around.