Lighter trials frame - Yuni or United?


Does anyone know what the weights of the trials United frame is vs. the Yuni trials frame?

If not, I just need to know if they are equal in weight, or which one is lighter.


I was hoping this would get an answer. I was curious too.

Do you guys want a light Trials frame, or one that won’t break? Unfortunately, I know neither the weight of either frame, or how they hold up.

Frames are one of the last things to fail on a unicycle usually, but they are also not a great source of weight. your tire probably weighs more than your frame. Your seat definitely weighs more. And how much do you weigh? How much change is in your pocket? :roll_eyes:

Well both frames should hold up, but many people prefer a flat crown on thier trials unis. The United should also be a little lighter and also having less tire clearance.

I don’t know about scottw, but I am interested in one that I can bop around on objects less than 2 feet tall and work on accuracy and problem solving. I don’t need something that will take deep drops.

not much. I actually will be trying to get my students to give me gift certificates instead of bookstore gift cards, mugs, chocolate and put it towards getting a low end, yet decent trials uni or wheelset. I would make up the difference.

In years past, I have recieved over $100.00 in bookstore gift cards. I would rather use it for uni stuff.

I don’t know but I would’ve guessed that the united frame’s slightly lighter but not much.

That’s an interesting point. If you’re a heavy person then your muscles would probably become stronger from holding up your weight and it wouldn’t matter that you’re heavy (correct me if I’m wrong). But I think it would make more of a difference if you’re carrying something like a camelback than if you’ve got a slightly heavier frame

…sometimes it just takes a while, for the COIN to drop…

I am still quite inexperienced with unicycles. I just figure the lighter the better. That I thought, was the final word.