Lightening up the Torker DX

I have an '07 Torker DX and was looking for ways to make it a little lighter, for better trials riding. I was wondering if a nimbus II frame would make noticably lighter. Any suggestions? appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue:

welll… you could take the wheelset off to make it lighter…

just kiddin, my thought is this: don’t worry about it. it doesn’t make a HUGE difference. What it does is makes the uni less manevuerable and more stable. The tradeoff is almost fair. the main thing is the frame, you have that much right.

you don’t want to spend $40+ on anything that will make your uni less than 1 lb lighter, it isn’t worth it.

Keep riding and build the muscle. Weight honestly doesn’t matter as much as you would think it does. I can hope just as high on my 24" muni as on my trials uni.

It does make a huge difference, but it’s a great uni to learn on. It’s solid and it will make you a stronger rider. My friend’s got a Devil and I’ve got the DX. He can jump a tad higher than me (though he goes seat out and I go seat in) when we’re on our own unis, but I can jump a considerable amount higher when I ride his. I would recommend Odyssey Twisted PC pedals. They are a little lighter, and much more shin friendly and great for grinding. I also took 1 1/2 inches off of my seat pad and replaced it with a homemade gel insert. The Nimbus frame is much lighter. (easier for unispins, but still comfortable) Two of my buddies have replaced their DX frames with the $40 Nimbus frame from UDC. It looks much better (especially regarding the tire to frame gap) and it’s better for one-footed riding.

Yeah I read a guy hear who whent from, I think, an Onza to a $1,000 pieced together KH and added 2" to his hop hieght (I think from 22 to 24"). Easier to get that w/ technique.

If you know of an old torker LX you can rip some parts off of, you could exchange the frame, seat, seatpost, and pedals. I took this approach and it seems noticeably lighter. I weighed it recently and got ~13.5 lbs, but I don’t remember the original weight.

Replace all the torker parts with KH parts.


One was me. I snapped my DX frame ('06) and so I bought the Nimbus II frame. I like it much better, and I do notice a considerable weight difference. But if your DX frame is fine, i’d ride it until you need a new one.

thanks for all the suggestion!

There is no way except pedals

Replacing parts one at a time would cost lots more then selling it as it is, and buying a lighter uni. Plastic pedals are super cheap and way light. Give that a go.:slight_smile: