lighten-up,uni i'm in love with you

forgive the valintine title.

i find myself needing a wheel-set consisting of a rim that is lighter than the one i’m using.i use a Sun Dbl.wide for serious off-road,but i ride around town alot and i was looking for a stong rim that could take little punishment,while protected by a 2.35 tire and not fold off.

i currently have a 2.6 Gazz and for around town its a real boat anchor,same with the dbl.wide,i just want to lighten-up.

this question may seem vague but,the bottom line(as george senior would say ),whats a good “inbetween rim?”

Hi Jagur,

AFAIK the DoubleWide is one of the heaviest rims of it’s size so just about any other rim will shave some weight off: DX32, Avro and Halo to name but a few.

Another, and probably greater, weight saving can be made from the choice of tyre.

In the 26x2.35" width range have a look at the Kenda Kinetics (non DH version) coming in at 700g

This seems to be one of the lightest of it’s size. Compare this to the Gazz 2.6 at 1250g and you’ll notice the difference for sure. These weights are manufacturer supplied though so caution is advised :wink:

There’s a listing of assorted tyres with sizes and weights @


If you have IE 5+ and run Windows you should be able to search out tyres based on size, width and make at the later url.

Hope this helps,