Light wheel with skinny tire

I had an old mountain bike front wheel with a skinny 26x1 tire that I used to use for road training when I used to race. Anyway I thought it would be nice to have a really light, low rolling resistance uni wheel that I could swap on and off of my muni, so I got a hub from and the correct length spokes for a nice 4 cross uni wheel . After I built it up and put on some spare 125mm cranks that I had I found that it is a twitchy, super quick acting beast that I can barely control. I am about ready to get rid of the skinny tire and just put on a 2.0 slick road tire. I am a level 2 rider who has no problems with my other unis (both Munis) with mounting turning etc. Has anyone else had this experience?

it wil take a whilke to get used to the skinny tire…i assume your 2 munis are between 2.5 -3"? going from that down to a 1" will be wierd for a while…stick with it.

i was thinking about doing this. But i would want a 2.3 at the least! I think you should get either a 2.2 or 2.3 tire on there and try it out.

Thanks for the input, I have an old 2.0 smoothie that I can try and a buddy has a semi-worn out 2.1 Smoke tire that I am going to try also.

By 1" do you mean the rim width or the tyre section? 1" is only 25mm. That’s a hell of a small section.

I have a 28 mm section tyre on my 700c, and it is light, nimble, fast and twitchy, and great fun. 28mm is narrow even by road bike standards - a training tyre for serious sports bicyclists. (They might then race on even narrower tyres down to about 20mm, I think.)

Yes ,it is a 200 gram 25mm kevlar bead skinny road tire to fit a skinny mountain bike rim.