Light Weight Tools?

I was wondering what tools you all ride with and if you have any tricks for keeping the weight down. For example, I’d like to carry a 14mm, 11mm, and 10mm socket for my cranks, seat, and bearing holder but the ratchet is very heavy so I normally don’t ride with them. Are there any lighter options then carrying a ratchet with enough torque for crank nuts? I guess something like a big allen with a 3/8” square on one side to accept a socket would be nice. I already have one of those foldup hex tools. Do you know of any with a 3/8" square for sockets?

Sorry that I don’t know all the proper names for everything.


I have a Lifu pedal wrench that on the other end has a 14mm and 15mm sockets. almost the same wieght as a pedal wrench. Also, if you get (I want to say…) 1/8" sockets rather than quarter, they can be pretty light (and will do the job for bearings/seat). although, i have profiles so I bring an allen. and a tri allen (4,5,6) I might be forgetting something, but it’s been awhile since iv been riding and had the need to bring tools.

Edit: or for a 10mm, you can get a tri 8,9,10 mil. that;s actually what I usually have. (sockets that is)

The only trick I use with tools is to match them to what I’m most likely to need; examples: -

Crank nut socket wrench is heavy so I only take it if I’m going on a long journey or if I’ve just changed the cranks (so they are more likely to loosen).

Tightening bearing holders and seat post clamp before riding should mean they stay put (it’s a double bolt clamp) but the allen key and spanner for these are so light I generally take them.

Also a bike pump for the tyre and airseat, plus a puncture repair kit (again cos it’s so light).

Sears has a good selection of small ratchets. I carried the 3/8" ratchet shown in the photo in my CamelBack and didn’t feel the weight at all. It works well with crank nuts. The bottom wrench is a 1/4" drive and the difference in size/weight is not significantly different from the 3/8".


I usually carry a few sockets and an adapter so I can drive them with a spanner.

If you want a proper lightweight socket handle then ‘king dick’ (real name) make an aluminium one. I have one in 1/2" and 3/8". I picked them up when I was building up a lighweight tool kit for my kit car.

I got this ad, wondering if anyone has actually tested it??

A Free-Up-One-Hand Wrench
A tool that leaves one hand free and saves time? Well, we gotta give it a hand!

It’s the Crescent R²RapidRrench, and about the only thing missing is the W — which won’t bother you once you experience its versatility.

R²RapidRench (about $20) is an adjustable ratcheting socket wrench. Flip a lever left or right to ratchet clockwise or counter-clockwise, and then use your thumb to spin a smooth-turning knob and snug the adjustable jaws around nuts, bolts or even eye hooks. The R²RapidRench fits nuts and bolts from 1/4-in. to 7/8-in. dia.

No more trying three sockets until you discover the right size. Instead, slip the jaws over the fastener, and rotate the knob until the jaws bite. The tool is only 8 in. long so you can ratchet in tight quarters. The fat, rubberized grip enables you to exert considerable torque without killing your hand. The 7/8-in.-deep jaws mean you can remove nuts that would normally call for deep sockets.

not very light but very useful :wink:

Crescent wrenches are bad for high-torque applications such as crank bolts, as they only make contact with two faces of the bolt, and the jaws aren’t fixed in place. The best application for crescent wrenches, I’ve found, is rounding off the corners of your bolts.

Not to mention, most cranks will only accept sockets.

It is an adjustable ratcheting socket wrench.

No, it’s Billy’s sales pitch.

Anything that adjusts has some amount of play. Play is what allows jaws to slip off bolts and round their corners.

Those crescent rapidrenches are really shit. They weigh a ton, slip like crazy, and are extremely bulky. They work sorta well for a hammer though…

I know it’s an old thread, but here are my tools anyway:

  • Park metric allen set, similar to this one but mine doesn’t have the English sizes. Missing is 5/16", which the bearing bolts on both my Wilder and GB4 29" use.
  • Park 14mm crank wrench, nice and light. UDC has what may be a better one, with 14 and 15mm in one
  • I also have a 10mm wrench that’s crescent on one end, and box on the other end. Great for tightening up all those saddle bolts
  • A small pump that works with either type of valve lives in my Camelbak

Thanks everyone!


i like to tape the Allen wrench i need for my seat post clamp right to my seat post

all i really bring on a long muni is a small pump a tire pacht and my seat post Allen but that is tape right on