Light Up the Night

One thing that I tought would be great is to have a light built on to a unicycle at the frame, so the light would be pointing where ever the unicycle would be pointing. So I tried just that.

All over the web you can find great deals on lights, the one that I got was the Vistalite Nightstick, having a battery that matches the unicycle frame perfectly.

A friend and I both got one and looked for ways to mount this light to the unicycle, and we finally found a great, cheap and easy way to mount it! By using the same mount you use for a reflector you can attach the light to it and clamp it onto your seatpost.

I do not own a digital camera, but will have a friend take some photos of it so others can use the idea. At our unicycle club meeting tonight we tried it out and it worked better then I thought it would.

I miight use a small headlamp as well to view things where I turn my head, but having a light in the direction of travel is a great thing.


I’ve tried bike mounted lights for bicycling off-road, but they never seemed to point where I wanted them to. I bought my NiteRider Headtrip three years ago and I love it. It’s helmet mounted, so it is easy to see where I want to.

Still, I’m interested to see what your set-up looks like. I don’t always (read seldom) wear a helmet when commuting to work, so a uni mounted light would be ideal. There really has been a lot of cheaper lights on the market since I bought my Headtrip.

Later… Joe

It seems like an OK idea, but depending on the type of bulb you use, maybe it would break prematurely since all the shocks the Unicycle takes would transfer into the light, shaking it about. Household lightbulbs are easy to break the filament, but I guess bicycle lights don’t seem to have that problem so nevermind. In the weekend I took my 3LED Petzl light on a nightride. It was so weak next to the sun strapped to Tony’s helmet, that I ended up giving it to Ben and just rode in the beam of Tony’s headlamp. The Petzl is adequate for tracks you are familiar with, but the more expensive headlamps with big battery packs and adjustment switches are far superior when it comes to exploring new off-road territory in the dark.

Ya, we also thought of that. But so far I have taken the uni with the light attached around campus here, down stairs and hopped quite a bit and it still works great. The one thing I have yet do do with it is take a spill and have the unicycle smack the ground. I’ll take that as it comes, but I doubt that I will do as crazy at night as I do in the day.

Pictures will be up soon, my friend has a digital camera so I will use that tonight to get some good shots. Already I hace some ideas to make the mount for the battery better, but I will also take care of that later and post what works.

Re: Light Up the Night

Lilschu, don’t you have a problem with your legs (knees) casting
shadows onto the trail?

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Re: Re: Light Up the Night

Actually the only place my knees cast a shadow is on the far side…off from normal view. It actually doesn’t bother me! If I had the light placed somewhere else it might, but where it is located it is not bad.

That sounds great! I’ve biked a lot at night, with two lights - one on the bar and one on the helmet. The bar light is really nice, as it casts shadows that you can see - you can’t see the shadows from the helmet light - and helps to spot bumps and hollows.

It would be cool to try mounting the uni light down near the crown to get the most shadow. A helmet mounted light is good too (as Mojoe says) since you want to be able to look ahead and around corners.


And here they are…

Here is a link to some pictures I was able to take with a friends digital camera…I hope these give a good idea of what the light setup is like.

WOW, that is one pimp looking ride. That looks like it would work very well.