Light trials under $300

What is the lightest unicycle for trials under $300? Right now I have a 24" Torker LX and I am doing 3 ft drops and my cranks are allready bending slowly. I have been riding for 2 months and I will be able to get a new uni in November.

lightest trials under $300 is probably the nimbus with a cotterless hub wich you probably don’t want

Bedford light trials:D Actually If you got the dough get a koxx I can’t remember what one it is but it’s under 6 kg.

find something used. sadly $300 won’t get you that sturdy of a trials uni.

DX, it isn’t light, but it’s bomber.

Here. [FS]Summit for sale

Does anybody know about how much the KH trials weighs?

stock it weighs about 12.5 pounds.

mine weighs about 11.5 because I’ve changed a few things on it.

What did you change other than the pedals?

the seat, and my seatpost is so cut down it minused some weight.

also, the pedals are alot lighter than snafus

Almost all of hte koxx one trials are under 6kg. The Devil, White Widow, Blue Berry, Gold Edition. All those ones that look damn near Identicle lol. But those unis are $395 You cant get a light trials uni for under 3oo but you can get the Dx o6 or o7 they are 250-300 depending on where you buy, and are 14 lbs.

Lol well by the size of Mornish he could have just cut down about half the uni and losed alot of weight :wink:

KH trials are cheap on UDC at the mo as the new model comes out soon. (but not in the US, sorry)

trials under $300

Go to
They have new Torker DX 2005s for 200.
Not as good as the 06 or 07 but good for light trials.
You might want a different tire as the stock one is more of a freestyle tire.