Light Frames for Fireball 3x24?


Thanks to Chris, I will be getting a new Fireball tire, one of those 3x24 dudes. I rode Tmornstar’s and it is sweet, no doubt. So, of course, I’m building an entirely new cycle around it. I don’t want to have to change tires on my Hunter/Gazz every time I switch between off-road and street.

So, I decided that this time I would try to build a fairly light cycle. I still want the Profile Hub because I think it is still the strongest hub out there. Correct me if I am wrong.

I am wondering what are the lightest frames on the market that can accomodate the Fireball 3x24 tire?

I think the Wilder is pretty light, but I don’t think I can buy that one separately. Grr. What other light frames are out there, and can they be bought seperately?

I suppose I could also just get to custom build me one, and I still might, but I may play the tradeoff game of weight and price, and just shoot for the best point on the price-vs-weight curve, instead of shooting for the absolute lightest.



Re: Light Frames for Fireball 3x24?

Maybe you can. It couldn’t hurt to ask. I think as more inexpensive MUnis come on the market, it may be harder to sell the handmade ones due to the big price difference. So the sellers may become more flexible about how they sell them.

i have asked this question before to John D…the Wilders are not listed seperatly but they are availible.a frame is $550 bucks,maybe its higher now though since the whole Wilder line went up about 30 or 40 bucks awile ago.

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hey if you buy 2 Wilder frames maybe you can get them both for $1025…or how about 3 for $1000…buy in bulk.


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