Lift to British Muni Weekend


I’m an apprentice munier from the south-west of Germany and I’d like to go to
the BMW since there are not many events like this in my area/country/continent.
Unfortunatelly, the easiest thing for me would be a flight to London. Are there
any muniers from London who could give me a lift to Dorset from London? Or can
anybody tell me how to get there by bus/train or whatever (with a muni). Any
help to get to Dorset (and back of course) will be appreciated.

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Re: Lift to British Muni Weekend

In article <>, Lars Burgstahler
<> writes:

> can anybody tell me how to get there by bus/train or whatever (with a muni).

Some general information on public transport to Blandford, Dorset.

By Train The nearest station is POOLE - 15 miles (20 km) from Blandford. Trains
run regularly from Waterloo (London). about £17 each way

By Bus Express non-stop bus from Victoria (London) to POOLE. excellent service,
12 buses per day and the cheapest option, about £10 each way

By Plane Bournemouth International Airport - 15 miles from Blandford. I have no
information on flights!

FROM POOLE TO BLANDFORD There ARE buses but not with any great regularity.
I would be happy to collect from Poole and can fit 7 people in my vehicle.
The Inside Park is 2 miles out of Blandford but again, if you get stuck I
can collect!

Public transport from other parts of the country is much less straightforward
than from London and can involve many changes. I hope this is of help.

Jerry Cooper