Lift handle

Ok almost as long as I’ve been riding I’ve been using a handle for a front bumper

But then I recently tried a plain old bumper.
It makes uispins easier and for some reason I jump a wee bit higher. So I need your opinions on this I might switch. Oh and I was riding the united seat and actually found it rather comfortable.

I agree with you that the KH handle sometimes gets in the way. A miyata (or miyata clone) saddle would be an alternative, authough it depends on what kind of riding you will be doing. IMHO Miyata is good for freestyle, KH for street and possibly a reeder or kinport of something for muni though I would stick with the KH.
A lot of people use a handle a lot of the time when riding (eg. street/trials) in which case no handle or a miyata handle is often not the best way to go.

In my experience those handle-less seats can’t stand up to abuse like the KH or myata style ones can. They just completely fall apart when you abuse them.

The saddle in your first post is amazing for SIF.

I know^^ it’s awsome. How do they not hold up a good? I don’t drop my seat to much but I don’t know about seat drags. Miyata isn’t much better. I’m kinda clueless. The durability is kindof making me wonder :thinking:

They bend easily, and then the steel inside of the seat will fatigue and not hold its shape.

Yeah, that one is really nice for SIF, and I also love me CX seat for SIF.

Wouldn’t little handlebars be the best for SIF? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but they would be slightly uncomfortable to sit on :stuck_out_tongue: