lift handle vs. wait for Velo

my miyata saddle has now gotten the infamous crack right where everyone elses is, and i am at an impasse as of what to do. i need a handle, but also, i think i need something comfier than the basic miyata saddle to ride in. i also found that it wasnt my cranks or pedals or spokes that were creaking, but my seat?!? (interface between seatpost and seatbase) plus my stitching on the seat cover is starting to go.

so it the velo the answer to all my problems? or should i go for a air miyata with roach cover, carbonfiber, and a good lift handle. im on a college budget, but that shouldnt be an excuse to get shoddy equipment, i want it too last(more time on the uni the better, dont want to be waiting for cheap parts to be mailed to me all the time)

i probably answered my own question, but what do you think?

The CF base and the lift handle will cost you more than the Velo seat alone, I think. So the question is not which is the right choice financially, the question is how long can you wait?

If its me, I’d try Yoopers’ frankenstein bolt on the handle until the Velo seat comes out.

I’m opting for the Velo… is there a date for when it’ll be available in the UK?

Going up the hill yesterday I noticed the crack in my muni has grown a bit. Franken-uni may have to be the way forward until a velo becomes an option…

Phil, just me

The Frankenstein bolt looks promising. I’m going to try it on an already messed up front bumper and see how things go.

I like the Frankenstein connection.

I suggest we call it the Frankenyata Fix.


very well; tonight i get to work on the frankenyata fix in my underground lair(read:basement)

I would highly advise taking your time and double even triple checking the placement of the frankenholes. Look it over real well.


definitely, i was going to use the picture as a guide, and work from there. drill presses are wonderful, arnt they?gunna do pinpoint hole to start, then the big one.

May all your drill bits be straight and your holes true.