Life to the Max Show #99 - "Cycling UNI-verse"

The local CBS TV station (WCCO) here in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) had a unicycling segment in a show with footage taken from the Down on the Farm MUni Weekend.

“unicycling is a unique sport” made me crack up :slight_smile:

It was awesome that guy learned how to ride in the end. Great post btw

It seemed like compared to other articles or segments done on unicycling, this was more just information and insight to the sport, which I thought was really nice. It wasn’t exactly advertising that “It’s the most extreme sport out there!” or anything like that.

Very well done segment. I like the way that Unicycling was shown and made to seem more accessible to the layman.

Pretty cool video, I didn’t like that the guy watched people doing trials though and said it looked like mini golf. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed on that point.

One of the best segments I’ve ever seen. I loved how they didn’t present it as “Why are these weird people doing this?” but rather, a new sport that is both rewarding and exciting…which it is! :smiley:

i dunno, its still one of those typical documentaries that ur mum would watch and say ‘oh, thats clever’ and just makes teenagers cringe at the way they’ve tried to make it look cool with those typical tilted angles to make it look ‘cool and extreme’. i mean its better than nothing, but some experienced videographers who r unicyclists r basically the only people who would be capable of making a documentary that would really make us proud.

But there’s not many of those around so we have to take what we get :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I understand where you are coming from though but it was still the first video I’ve seen where the presenters don’t poke fun at us. Well, apart from the minigolf comment.

I think it’s a lot like miniature golf, and I like that aspect of trials:)
It’s deliberate, preparative, and analytical. You hop or putt then reassess your position and the angles involved.