Life In Ruins

This is a trailer for my new video ‘life in ruins’, just thought i would let everyone see it, a couple of nice trials lines. I know there is a lot of hops but i had to do that to keep my balance on the loose rocks and stuff. Anyways watch it and enjoy. Also just to let you guys know i will probably be calling somebody out with my next video so beware :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: . Haha anyways leave comments if you want to.

It looks like those are preserved, historically-significant structures. If so, why are you jumping around on them with your unicycle?

Because it’s fun:D . Seriously though, it is just an old mill that burnt down a while back, it does have signs up and stuff talking about what it used to look like but they dont mind people climbing on it and doing stuff on it if they arnt doing any damage.

sorry but ive got to laugh at that hahaha, their not exactly old.

A lot of that looks flat enough that you could ride along it :thinking:

even though there are bumps, you need to try and focus on hopping from one place to another smoothly and prepare yourself first. Ie… prepare for how think you’re going to need to balance and then you will not need al the correction hops (try mini still stands instead). When you complete a line this way, as well as looking better it feels a lot better too.

Ok cool, then, it looks like some great stuff to ride on.

It does look like that but actually on top of the wall there are rocks of all different sizes, lots of dips and potholes, i did try riding a bit of it but soon gave up because it was too hard. Yeah i knew about my pre hop problem and usually im not too bad but because it was rocks and stuff i went terrible :(. But i am going to film more with a lot smoother hops and lines.

Anyway thanks for the comment :smiley: