Life...-Colby Thomas


Please comment :slight_smile:

Colby Thomas you are one strange human being… will you marry me? <3

Hey man! Haven’t we already had this discussion. He’s married to me!

CAT FIGHT! over me?! Between Spera and Schulze?!

My life is now complete.

Max i have a great idea!

we can have a throw down over Colby at his place sometime! Maybe around the end of June possibly >:D

Why did you remove it? Now i’m sad :frowning:

please put it back up? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the re-upload.

(btw, this is a joke xD)

I reeeeally thought you were going to do a different trick after neglect, the super clean 900 was good though. I laughed pretty hard at the last trick xD

ahaha nice trick there man :stuck_out_tongue: your skills are mad though if thee rest is just mucking around…

woooh… double dream hands :astonished:

Omg. I think you just converted me

omg he did a double dream hands!

Hahahaha to Mormonism?! :smiley:

I think that has to be the best double dreamhands i’ve ever seen!! :astonished: :roll_eyes:

And i loved the emotion oozing outta this vid too :smiley: