…my first video! …i started last year with doing street, before i could only ride a uni… so my skills are not very impressiv (the movie is made 2 month ago, i could made some progress since than, next vid will come soon)

, but i hope you enjoy…and watch for the end: burning hair :wink: !"]

that’s cool!!! ow, your hair!! :astonished:

nice vid…! youre good at juggling! nice rails

is it normal that from 5:30 up to the end only music appears and no more pictures ?
Sorry for your Hairs but some should still stay at you :smiley:

…yes that’s normal, i diden’t edit all the way because i thout maybay i will still work on it but i diden’t, thats also why it doesen’t have any titles etc.

sorry about that…

…and that with the hair wasn’t to bad, a bit smelly but you couldn’t see anything

@olarf: i’ll try to film a new trick for the sponsor!

For only a year that seems pretty good, your balance is good indeed, what sort of stuff could you do before you started to do trials?

Cool! I liked that fire jump rope. You are good at balancing stuff on your face:)

the fire rope is awesome!

@bungalistic: with the uni? i could only ride a uni and tried rope hopping but with a cheap uni an of course broke it, after this i didn’t ride anymore but last year i saw in the internet the cool new trials and other unis and started again, now i do a lot of muni (24") street/trial and started yet also with touring on a schlumpf…

…for my balance i do slacklining, cheap an very nice!

…i train also kids in circus stuff so i don’t have lot of time (also because of my young familiy) to practice uni…but every free minute…there i go

slacklineing? is that like tight rope walking w/ a looser rope??