LIE OR DIE - Official Team Video

Team Lie or Die, ladies and gents.

It all began when a young man named Colby Danger was visited by a tall, dark, (well not dark) and handsome Kiwi named Mike Padial. Insane riding soon commenced, and Jacob Spera came in on the action. But what’s this? Kevin KyyyyssshhhhMonaayyy Kartchner and Spencer Daines want in?! Yes. Team Lie or Die was soon founded. /patent pending/

I know it’s very long, but it’s hard to find the best footage out of 40 minutes of solid riding material. hahaha. A lot of hard work went into this, so please take a minute to share your thoughts. Thanks! (:


Love it!! You guys basically filmed a whole video as soon as me and jacob leave lol

That was really cool it didnt bore me at all and didnt seem like 12 minutes. THose front flip attmepts were so sweet that would be the best street trick.


Colby Thomas, you’ve outdone yourself once again. Sick riding, editing, filming, and maybe the best thing, a good atmosphere that’s hard to get when you’re riding alone. That said, I do think there were a bunch of clips you could’ve taken out to make the video a more convenient length, and more fun to rewatch. I’ve seen it twice already and there is SICK stuff in there from everyone, but it seems like theres also a bunch of other prettyyyy good/ok clips from everyone that aren’t interesting to watch multiple times and make it way long. I loved most of it though! My favorite clips would probably have to be your triple gap, Kevin’s fifthsidedouble (it was double, right?), 1080, the MASSIVE rails, pretty much every clip of Jacob flowed really well, Spencer’s 360 out of rail, and the crazy close 1260 attempts. The overall highlight would have to be Mike’s rev combo, I was laughing uncontrollably by the end of it xD. Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

Edit: And I loved all the 9 set stuff too! I have no idea how I forgot about those, but DOUBLEFLIP!!! do you know what the set record was for that before? And I’m probably forgetting a lot more too, ah well…

Edit2: Ooh, the frontflips were sick too. I think any of you could legitimately land those if you spent more time with that foam pit and found the right drop.

Haha awesome! Heaps of great tricks and unicycling, great filming also. Real nasty looking bails.

Those flips are practiced in a way that makes them perfectly convenient for hitting down sets. If anyone is going to do it, it’s going to be you guys…

Awesome stuff, I really love it. Especially if you pause Kevin’s rolling seat forward 10 halfway through. You’ll find that at that point, he has no intention of catching the seat at all. His hands are like out to the sides!?

i really enjoyed this vid, awesome riding by all


colby! why do you always break spokes?

Yeah you could have cut it way down and should have if you guys were just average riders, but since you are among the best there is I VERY much enjoyed the full length :smiley: :smiley: