Lidl Special - Unicycles

Lidl Special from Monday 10 March


Ahh, I wondered when they would come in! A few leaflets previous to this one there were wall brackets on offer. The picture showed a unicycle being held up buy them and I thought it would be too much of a coincidence if unicycles didn’t appear soon!

And if I seem to know two much about Lidl leaflets, my mum delivers them.

yeah, they had some ickle kiddies ones last summer. these ones come with a 3 year warranty. not looking too closely at small print, i wonder if that will cover for taking them down stairsets and mild trials.

they look good to learn on, and with the 3 year cover what they dont know cant hurt them:p even if you said thet you did do trials and stair sets they wouldnt believe you “on one wheel, never!”
i might have to recomend this, i know someone whos thinking about getting a unicycle

edit- on the picture that is deffinetly to tall for him. and it says only to be used under adult supervision:( dam im not allowed to unicycle without an adult looking after me:( do they think its dangerous??:frowning:

well they do say only to ride skateboards in designated parks. who do you think is listening?

dunno it is just kind of funny that thay wrote if but i suppose they have to write it so people dont kill themselves on it.

bit of a threadjack - sorry - but does anyone know what Lidl’s ethical record is like… what their labour standards are etc … cos I’m sorely tempted at that price for a present for a friends daughter… but the price is setting off alarm bells - I mean, I don’t want it to be made by kids for kids, even if I do pocket the slavings… and I hear that Roger makes sure as far as possible that all UDC uni’s aren’t made by exploiting people, same for KH. So anyone heard anything about Lidl and labour standards???

Re: Lidl Special - Unicycles

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, matt_t <> wrote:
> bit of a threadjack - sorry - but does anyone know what Lidl’s
> ethical record is like… what their labour standards are etc …

Matter of much debate.

Some people maintain that they are very evil and don’t trust their
staff (CCTV in staff rooms etc). However, I am yet to find a
supermarket chain that does trust its staff. It’s completely
routine, for example, for till operatives to be logged by the system
(how many items they swiped per hour, how long they left their post to
go to the toilet and so on), and staff to be more CCTV’d than

In Lidl’s favour, some of their special offers are actual brand-names
(some Stanley tools recently, for example), and since they manage to
source them at cheap prices, it’s not completely impossible that their
non-brand stuff may be no less ethical than anyone else. If you buy a
cheap unicycle anywhere else, do you know the age of the Taiwanese

Also in Lidl’s favour - the staff in my local branch appear, on
average, at least 53% happier and 86% more human than the miserable
sods in my local Sainsbury, and I’ve never established intelligent
communication with the life-forms in my local Tesco. I probably
should declare that my local Lidl is a regional training centre,
though - at least some of the staff are recent employees there
temporarily and probably more highly motivated than average, and
others are presumably there on the path up from nobody to management.
There’s also a higher than normal incidence of suits wandering around
(which might also help to keep staff happy - strangely, seeing
management makes staff slightly happier on average, being able to talk
to management even more so).

In general, I buy veg there if my local supply is missed (it’s hard to
be cruel to a carrot), I don’t generally buy meat (it’s largely
continental Europe sourced, and I believe the continental’s standards
of animal care are lower than the UK’s), I do buy their special offer
non-food stuff. I am aware, however, that it’s difficult to know the
standards of the manufacturer, so I don’t buy things that come form
industries notorious for employee abuse (clothes, trainers).

But do you know the number-one top reason for shopping there?
No piped music. Bliss (at least, as close as shopping gets to it).

regards, Ian SMith

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Thank you for teh tip off. 10th is boys birthday. he may be about to get cycle shorts… The uni will be way to big for him tho.

The kids cycling shorts aren’t ideal cycling shorts (no padding, seams in the wrong place), but they’re still great shorts for 99p. DW wants to buy more because they’re perfect for DD to use for PE at school.

They’re also the fastest clothes you’ll find for going down a slide :slight_smile:

What even faster than wet waterproof overalls?? boy tends to land 3 ft beyond the end of the slide in those.

I think everyone should take this opportunity to visit a local Lidl and ask a member of staff if they have any unicycles.
Then when shown one, examine it closely, um and ah a lot, feel the tyre, check the seat clamp, etc.
Then hop on it, ride up and down the aisles and generally have fun.

Then take it back to the assistant and say “Meh, I don’t like the colour.”

that sounds fun i might do that if i can get there just for a laugh

i bought a similar uni for a similar price from ebay. It does very well but the thread holding the crank on stripped upon gentle tightening so the materials aint great on mine. 3 year warranty is pretty good though and i would have thought would cover such things. mine is certainly a great buy for learning on.

from the looks of my frame and knowing that most bikes are machine welded i’d say it was a fairly safe bet that there is little in the way of human manufacturing in making a uni, especially given the small number of parts involved. having said that though, assembly is most likely done by an underpaid person.

Try this:

Do you guys in America have Lidl, yet?

The LIDL unicycle is from a company called B-Square ( German). Fairly basic, but worth the 25 quid if you are not financially suited to a KH.
3 year warranty, but excludes fair wear and tear of course. Royal blue frame, black rim and seatpost.

The instruction book is quite useful for a novice, but includes a few “interesting” statements.

From the instruction book:

"If you want to go on a journey, you will need to return! Learning to veer and turn is therefore a must! "

“Do not cycle up and down hills.” and

“The wheel is of stainless, hardened aluminium, and is fitted with spokes - for increased durability.”


I went to Lidl on the way home from work to get some cycling shoes and there were three unicycles left, after I’d been home a while I mentioned to Mrs Ape that I’d been tempted to buy a unicycle too, thinking she would say she was glad I didn’t as I already have 4. Instead she said she really wanted one and we had to rush out of the door before they all sold out! Got there about 7:30 and bought the last one:D

It’s still in bits at the moment but looks quite good quality, and unlike another cheap uni I bought from ebay a while ago the cranks are in proportion at 115mm.
Pretty happy with it so far, now to see how it rides!

they are looking to foster a generation of flatlanders.

You’ll probably want to change the pedals - those supplied are horrendously slippery and too small for adult feet.

I tightened the spokes and trued the wheel on mine before putting it all together - it needed doing. I haven’t ridden it properly yet, because I couldn’t be arsed to put shoes on and my slippers wouldn’t stay on the pedals.