lg marge rims

not mine, but there are 2 for sale in massachusetts southcoast craigslist bike section.i may go in on half,if anyone wants the other?/

(link for the lazy ones like me :wink: )

Very nice. I guess it is the 26 inches edition as he mention a lot of fat bikes. Have you asked him/her if the price can be reduced just for the rims (as the hubs won’t be very useful on a muni) ?


hes got a bunch of stuff for sale, and not breaking things up,i guess hes firm on price,but I only would like one

(Sorry for the off-topic / hijack).

In the same vein, there is an interesting sale of 2 Origin8 Devist8er (26x4.0) on ebay.

It is a nice companion to a Large Marge :wink: