Lexan pedals

This are the lexan pedals from Atomic Laboratories
Don’t know where to buy them but with help of Google you will find it;)

lol, i was thinking of pedals like those a week ago :astonished: i should make up cool uni products in my mind more often:) those hings look awesome.


ohh yeah and theyre only $130
theyre cool but not that cool

( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:tear:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

lol, if there strong enough, they could be insanely awesome street pedals, and they look really grippy but not 2 grippy… and they would slide really well, and they would be sealed… and they would look awesome…

oh well, I still want some lol


ive got a pair of these, used them for muni, they are a really wide platform, great for easier mounting on trails, and less getting knocked off the pedals.

they are pretty strong, havent tried them doing trials though, but they have hit plenty of rocks on the trail. No bearings either, so no hassle there, though one of the rubber washers has gone on mine, but doesnt affect it much, just means they slide around on the axle a little

got mine second hand for £20 so was worth it, wouldnt pay the full price though, think they were about £100 new when i got them.

picture in the gallery here

urs are a bit different…

i’ve been impressed with everything i’ve seen from atomic labs, these are no exception. price but maybe worth it.

I think his look better for street, I wouldn’t trust the other ones for grinds, they look too thin, not enough material to hld up to that much damage

mine are the same model, just from 2/3 years ago, those others are obviously the newer model

they are both pairs of atomlab ballistics

no yours are older moodle nyc freeride glory hole pedals

are they plastic?


those are awesome pedals, i would get them but i don’t want to blow that much money on pedals

seen as mine are made of lexan, unlike those you mention, which are metal, i think you will find they are not “nyc freeride gloryhole pedals” and as i am also based in the uk, its highly unlikely.

the nyc pedals where made in lexan a few years ago when you said you got yours and there world wide


its wat they make bulletproof glass out of. its very strong, fairly lightweight, and slides very well. it also looks really cool.


A type of tough, break-resistant plastic. Most effectively cut using a 2 flute cutter

Lexan is a polycarbonate from GE. For the right application it is a remarkable material.

It has high notch sensitivity. Tapping threads into it and adding sharply threaded studs produces really high stress areas. Grinding with pedals made from this will cause some gouges and cuts that will also produce high stresses.

It would be interesting to see some of GE’s Ultem material machined for the same application.

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