Lexan grind plates for free

A have the tools and supplies to make identical grind plates as the ones on dan’s comp. Ask evan how well thay work because he allready has one on his new street unicycle. I am willing to send them to you for no cost what so ever(how ever i will be remebursed for my time and money but it will cost you nothing). PM me if you would like some.

alright sure, I might even trade you Evan’s soul if I get them.

yes PM me.
But keep the poor kids soul i wouldnt take it if you paid me.

I’d like a pair too. Are you sure that you can make a pair as good as the originals? Try making a pair first, and then let us know how they turn out. It would be really cool they turn out well.

Check your PM’s.

I have the same material as the originals and I will cut it to the size of your pedals and all you have to do is remove your pens on the pedal and either I will send you the right size screws so you can screw the plates into the preexisting holes that way you could take them out and put the pins back in. If your pens are not the same size as mine you would have to buy the screws or put the hole in them or put a nut and bolt in like the ones on danscomp.com. The reason im not doing it that way is my way thay are lighter and have more lanex surface area and will still stay on.:smiley:

so, I give you nothing, and…I get free grind plates?

Hey cliff, we should really ride sometime if you have any good places near you. I don’t know, but is 561 Skatepark near you? If not, then well, there’s really nowhere to ride up near me. But yeah, it would be cool if you brought me a pair of those nifty grindplates. I had to browse danscomp for a while until I found them.


Re: Lexan grind plates for free

I am confused. Who will remburse you? Does it mean that someone is paying you to make them for us, or is the satisfaction of being nice the rembursment. Juast wondering what it ment.

PM me

burjzyntski when we ride i will bring you a pair.

I will have a pair but I live in Belgium so thats to far I guess.

Im dead


Dead as in like you died or dead as in your not going 2 make the grind plates?

becous i would like some i pmed you and i would be so sososososo thankfull and apreciative

the shipping wouldnt be much becouse i live in florida aswell

im confused also. Nobobdy gets enough satisfaction out of making grindplates at their own expense that they feel inclined to send them anyone who wants them. Something tells me you won’t want to be sending them to AUS.

Im all out
no I wont send them to AUS

thanks for the notion any way even tho your out

no problem

i guess i was too late… oh well, now i have a project to do, make my own grind plates!!!

i think i might make my own also. cheers anyway