Is it steep enough when all your weight on the back-pedal when wont stop the wheel from rolling when doing the static mount? :wink:

I can do 13 mounts.

  1. static mount (left foot)
  2. static mount (right foot)
  3. rollback mount (left foot)
  4. rollback mount (right foot)
  5. side mount
  6. side mount reverse
  7. jump mount
  8. free jump mount (suicide mount)
  9. back mount
  10. rolling mount
  11. kickup mount (sometimes)
  12. 180 unispin jump mount
  13. hop on tire mount (sometimes)

So thats 13 mounts, i am not including things like mount to seat in front or mount to wheel walk. If i was testing for skill levels i can only do 6 mounts.

  1. static mount
  2. side mount
  3. jump mount
  4. back mount
  5. rolling mount
  6. kickup mount

I hope to pass levels 1-5 at NAUCC.

I know how to do, let’s see…7!

rollback mount with left, rollback mount with right, leg around once, leg around twice, backward, static, and 180 spin mount.

Ha ha. I wish. I’ve only ridden in a gym three times ever, once at the uni meet in North Bend, and twice at the local juggling club. About three months ago I found a decent outdoor basketball court to ride on, but before that all my freestyling was in parking lots or on the road. I’m fine at riding over bumps and bad pavement, I’m just not good at riding up big curbs.


  1. Standard
  2. Rolling
  3. Reverse
  4. Jump
  5. Suicide
  6. 180 jump
  7. Side jump
  8. Jump to wheel walk
  9. 180 jump to wheel walk
  10. Side jump to wheel walk
  11. Pick up
  12. Kick up in back
  13. Kick up in front
  14. Rolling to one-footed riding
  15. Jump to stand-up wheel walk
  16. Climb to stand-up wheel walk
  17. Climb to stand-up wheel walk backward
  18. Climb-up (giraffe)
  19. Side
  20. Side reverse
  21. Side leg around
  22. Into hand wheel walk
  23. Reverse to wheel walk
  24. Running jump to sideways wheel walk/glide
  25. To crank idle
  26. To side ride
  27. To handride
    And probably some others which I have forgotten.:slight_smile:
    Of course, I can’t do all of these perfectly, but I have done them all at least a few times.



hmm. I have a little bit of a derail for this pretty derailed thread - all of you guys seem to have hopping on the tire down no problem. I can’t do anything more than stand on it and fall over. Is there anything I’m missing? how far apart are my feet? where is my weight? Should I take my tire pressure down from 80 psi for this? how far out do I lean backwards? blah blah blah :smiley:

and more on topic - I’ve found so far that sticking to the skill levels has been more or less my progression. I started trying to learn to idle when I was level 2, but didn’t actually manage to do it until I was level 4!

Also, level 5 was a big jump for me, as the other levels took about two weeks each, and level five took me about a month and a half. However, level 6 doesn’t look near so daunting anymore.

Also, the one thing that I really learned out of order was spins. I can do them in both directions in a controlled way no problem. It’s an awesome skill for being on top of a giraffe, as there have been times when I’m about to fall over, but I can just hit a spin to correct my balance. Wonderful not having to re-mount it.

P.S. - all level testing was done by myself, and I’m not actually certified. Oh well.

this is wierd i guess. i can freemount and idle and hop anywhere… but i cant ride more than 10 feet forward or back ward. is this normal??

No. I’ve heard of people hopping before riding, but never of someone idling before riding.