If i can do all the skills in level 4 then what level am i?
level 4 because i passed it? or level 5 because i’m learning the tricks in level 5?

Level 4 because you passed it

well i haven’t had a tester watch me so i’m the equivalent of a level 4

Re: levels

You also need to pass the other levels as well, Rider, 1,2 and 3 before you
pass level 4.
Barb K.

Tommy @ MUC can officially pass you through level 4. He’s got the patches and everything.

Also, there are some persnickity little rules that you’ll have to stick to. for instance: in order to do seat out back riding, you have to start and finish with seat in normal spot (sitting). I don’t really know all the little details, Tommy does though.

Barb is right. You will have to complete each skill level in order.

Re: levels

You’re a level 0, just like me, because you haven’t officially passed any of the levels. Being able to do the skills in each level and actually being able to pass the level are different things. To pass a level you only get two misses, you have to do all the necessary skills without practicing in between, and you have to do it all while someone is watching and judging you.

I can do all the skills to pass level 4. I just have never done it in front of a tester. I can do everything but the wheel walking in level 5 (I can wheel walk, I just can’t get back to the pedals yet).

John “proud to be a level 0 rider” Childs

Re: Re: levels

John is a Level 0 “over-achiever”. It’s a trait that many have observed in him. He gives true Level 0s a bad name…

Tom “Armchair Level 0” Blackwood

Re: Re: levels

Technically level 0, but saying level 4 “equivalent” works for me. Equivalent is not the same as having passed the level, because the skills may not have all been done in a row, and in compliance with all the details of how they need to be done in a level test.

I would say I am skill level -1. Once a skill level tester was near me and I was not riding a unicycle, but I wasn’t watching where I was going and tripped on one laying on the ground and fell.

I know these have been around a while, but maybe some of the newer riders haven’t seen them…here are the skill levels that suit my style best…