is there anyone in sydney,australia that tests unicycle levels, and can teach
some tricks.



Re: levels (fwd)

> . . . snip
> I am still looking (not very diligently, I must admit) for a 10 cm x 10cm beam
> for the tests. It is not a standard size for wood.
> Julian.
> . . . end snip
> What does “ride over a 10*10cm obstacle” acutually mean? I assume you’re not
> allowed to hop over it, but have to ride straight at it and over it like a
> kerb. Is this correct?

You can ride over or hop over. The original intention was for the rider to ride
over, but many people like to hop over, so the requirement was relaxed.

> I’d check the faq, but it’s a ftp site not http.

This one is being rewritten, and will be released in http after final review by
the various authors.


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