I have searched, but no results came up, please if this is a repeat, send me in the right direction. D you guys follow the list of levels? Here is the link that I am talking about: http://www.unicycling.org/IUF/levels/

simple answer… no
They’re aimed more towards freestyle, and I’m not

Just go with the flow, learn what you want to learn!

It’s mostly basic riding skills, you should learn at least the first 4-5 levels no matter what style you want to ride. Around “backwards wheelwalk” and such it starts to become less useful.

Unless you’re just going to be commuting I would learn all the seat-out type skills, though.(side ride and 1ft SIF excepted)

The group known collectively as “you guys” seems to do more muni/street/trials riding than freestyle, which the IUF levels are designed for.

If you are doing purely freestyle then the IUF levels are definately the way to go for building a set of skills to carry you forward in that area. Personally, I am working my way through the IUF skill levels but like to try other skills as well. The IUF skills will give you a great base from which you can then achieve more in whatever areas you find to your liking, and provide a guidline for what skills logically follow each other. For instance, if you can comfortably ride 180 degrees within the boundaries given in the IUF levels then the next logical skill to learn is riding 360 degrees, yada, yada…

Having said that, follow your bliss. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys, dont make it seem like its a one way or the other type of thing. The levels are a great guideline for almost all types of riding. They arent something thats only going to be good to you if you only going to focus on freestyle. If so, that would be horrible, cause there are tons of tricks not on that list they would be missing out on.

Guidelines, thats what they are. Levels, because you are officially tested by them and can officially have a rank. Fun to look at and and good to help you improve in overall riding. Not strict and mandatory.

No, I dont follow thoes.

When I learned how to ride I just went to ride. Freemount came automaticly.
Couple times I have tried to learn idling, backwards riding or wheelwalk, but I have never made it finished it. I have never liked technical training.

You may want to learn the basics before you complain about the technical parts.

What you mean whit “technical”?

Technically, the IUF/USA Skill Levels were developed before there was any such thing as Trials, Street or Flatland. They were a progressive system of unicycle tricks that existed at the time. Now there are other areas/categories of tricks that aren’t in there, but it’s still a good progression as long as you’re interested in the tricks that are listed. I don’t like the Hand Wheel Walk, for instance, so my level development stopped at 7. I learned most of what’s in the rest of the levels but have no plans of passing 8.