levels of expertise

I’ve read (in other websites) of levels of expertise in unicycling. It seems like there are levels 1 - 5 or 6 or 7 or something. Are there actually levels? If so, where are the requirements listed and how does one get “tested” for each level?
thanks in advance

well, you get tested by a higher up club. I mean, thats just to be official, if you can land the tricks in the levels, you can just consider yourself that level. If you decide to get more into one general part of the sport, you wont really care much.

I suggest at least trying them, because the skills learned do actually transfer over into several riding styles.

For example, my experience with seatdrags helped me overcome wobbles hopping SIF without the seat touching my thighs.

There are 10 recognised levels. See HERE

As ^^ said, you have to be examined to technically have the skill level, but If you can do all the tricks up to said level, then you are that level.

IUF skill levels

Normally people just see how high they can get on the levels, but another method is to add up each skill from each skill level you can do, i.e. if you are a level 5 unicyclist but can do a 180 unispin (a level 10 skill), you would get a “point” for the unispin and it would help your overall score. This is called the New Kewl System or NKS.

If you can do all the tricks up to a given level, with a maximum of two mistakes per level, then you can consider yourself at that level under the IUF system. The USA system is more exacting, and provides more detail about how each skill is supposed to be done:

That listing might not be completely current; you can compare it to the USA Rulebook if you like, under Competition on the same site.