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general information… how do you find them? where do they live? can i just call and make an appointment to go see them? where is the closest one to Philadelphia? thanks, Nick

If your in the UK ( which I know the starter of this thread isn’t) Ask the UUU commitee who and where your local UUU/IUF levels tester is. OR come along to BUC11 where there will be a level testing session on offer amoung the workshops. Levels test sessions also take place at some Uni meets.

There are UUU level testers in the SW, SE, IoW, Midlands, NE and NW
of England. UUU would like to find some people who are willing to train as testers who live in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we just havn’t found them yet:-)


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David Stone and Joe Merrill do our testing at the New York Unicycle Club. Come on up!

Hi, Nick.

Under the current rules, you may self-test for Levels 1 through 4. For 5 and above, you must find a certified level tester.

One of the responsibilities of the USA, Inc. Skills Development Committee has been to develop a list of level testers. We’ve gathered names for the past year and a half.

Here’s the current list of USA, Inc. members registered as level testers. If you want to reach someone on this list, please let me know. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email:

cettermclean at hotmail dot com.

Good luck on testing!

Skills Development Committee Chair

Foss, John – Gold Country, 1-10

Edwards, Bruce – Uni Uni-Versity, 1-4

Alexander, Carol – Redford Township, 1-7
Susanka, Kathy – Redford Township, 1-4
Wrobel, Cathy – Redford Township, 1-4

Magnuson, Roger – Twin Cities, 1-7
McLean, Carol – Twin Cities, 1-5
McLean, Kelsey – Twin Cities, 1-5
Younggren, Neil – Twin Cities, 1-10

New York
Stone, David – Unatics, 1-7

Beiler, Marti – County Lancaster, 1-5

Thompson, Tommy – Memphis, 1- 4

Hansen, Guy – Uni Utah, 1-7

DeKoekkoek, Steve – Uniques, 1-4
Tepper, Alan – Panther Pride, 1-10

Puerto Rico
Medina, Carlos – Isabela, 1-7

People in the Know, fill me in: Testers In Scotland

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On Tue, 6 Apr 2004 16:38:51 -0500, “Carol McLean” wrote:

>Under the current rules, you may self-test for Levels 1 through 4.
>Edwards, Bruce – Uni Uni-Versity, 1-4

What does 1-4 mean if anyone may self-test?

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Unfortunately, the rules for the existing 10-level system have not been updated and have several problems. So, in fact, no one needs to be certified to test levels 1 to 4.

On the other hand, we have created a list of people who have received training in level testing, so we’ve included those names on the list of certified testers. If riders would like to test with someone who is trained, they should contact someone from the list for the first four levels, though it isn’t required.

Testing is almost meaningless unless everyone is following the same set of rules. So far, that hasn’t been the case, and it’s been difficult to resolve the problems with the old level system.

The committee is working on a new system that takes care of all these issues. It’s been a huge, time-consuming task so far, but we have made lots of progress.

If you’d like to hear more, or offer some feedback, just let me know.




Beiler, Marti – County Lancaster, 1-5

i would like to contact this person. could you help me out? phone number and address would be great.

Please note. This self certifying is a USA levels rule.
It does not apply to UUU/IUF levels testing. In the UK if you want a certificate, you have to pass the test with a UUU tester.