level chevron colour query

I’m working on some colour coded cards describing each of the skill levels and decided to base it on the skill level chevron patches put out by the USA.

Can anyone tell me what colour the level patches are for levels 8, 9 and 10?

I know levels 1 to 7 are the following colours:
1 red
2 white
3 blue
4 yellow
5 orange
6 green
7 silver


8 - Purple
9 - Brown
10 - Black (we think - we will verify tonight)

We also have a Rider level with a green patch.

Tom Daniels

Thanks Tom,

Those colours ring a 4 year old bell. I remember brown and black being in there somewhere so level 10 must be black.

these wouldnt happen to bear any similarity to the color progression of the belts in martial arts would they? it seems it. also, if you guys could give me an address where i can send videos of my skill level progression, that would be great. thanks guys.

The current USA level system uses these patch colors:

  1. red
  2. white
  3. blue
  4. yellow
  5. orange
  6. teal (blue-green)
  7. silver
  8. purple
  9. brown
  10. black

The new USA Skills System uses these colors for the Tier I Rider Base skills:

  1. yellow
  2. orange
  3. red
  4. green
  5. blue
  6. violet

The color scheme for the other new skill sets hasn’t been worked out yet.

In all our research, we weren’t able to find any standard anywhere for a color progression. The new one is close to the color spectrum, but doesn’t follow exactly. It goes from lighter colors to darker, to suggest getting stronger with the skills.

Also, in the new system, riders can skip sets in Tier I if they want, but must test for Base 6, Violet, in order to move on to the next tier. In Tier II, they can decide which skills to focus on, such as Artistic, Technical, Juggling, UW, and others.

We’re field testing them now. Please send me an e-mail if you want to help with any of this: unicyclecentral at hotmail dot com.