Level 9 skill


Level 9

Ride one footed with the seat out in front for 10 m

Something i would like to know…Is the seat allowed to touch the body while doing this?
I’m guessing it is not because otherwise it is too easy to be level 9 but i would like to have this confirmed by a higher authority.

My interpretation was that for all seat out skills, the seat cannot touch the body. But this is quite hard to do with 1ft seat out front…i suppose thats why its lvl 9???

If you are doing a skill with the seat out and the seat touches your body does this automatically not count?

Stop showing off mr i can do level 9 and 10 skills :stuck_out_tongue: I would guess that it is not allowed to touch the body, otherwise way to easy for level 9. But then again, i’m not a freestyle nerd so i don’t know much about that sort of thing :smiley:

I just logged on to ask a question about riding 1ft seat in front, and here’s a thread about it.
Thoughts have been mirrored through the center of the earth and entered the vacant space in my brain.

Anyway. What I wanted to know is:
Is it ok to hold the seatpost against the non-pedalling leg or does that count as holding the seat against the body?

For the skill levels, it is ok to brace the seat or arm/hand against your body. Although some people might think it’s bad form, it is perfectly acceptable for level 9. For competition, bracing the seat against your body incurs a lower score than holding it out away from your body.

It is acceptable in the USA skill levels. The IUF version of the skill levels (same list, different interpretation) sticks to the skills as defined in the Standard Skills List. That means, in seat out skills the seat is not allowed to touch the body. That’s why seat in front 1-foot is level 9. It’s not the hardest one (for me) in that level, either.

{“I’m not a level 9, but I play on on TV.” – John Foss, who plays level 9 in the IUF Skill Levels video}

In Freestyle, yes. In Standard Skill, you would get zero points if you have “seat in front” on your list and then you do “seat in front against body.” You have to list the skills you are going to do, or vice-versa, to get the points.

The USA levels were changed to accommodate the problem skills that typically hold riders back in getting to the next level. The seat out skills were determined to be proportionally harder than the other skills with them, unless riders were able to touch the body. But this causes problems with interpreting skill names. For skill levels it’s one way, and for Standard Skill it means something else? So I would rather re-organize the skill levels, or more simply correct them to add “against body” where necessary to bring them back into line with the official definitions of those skills.

Thanks John, although I would prefer the word ELABORATION since that is what you did.

I guess so. Sorry if it sounded harsh. Or I could combine the two words together?


Uh, maybe not.

Ha ha, whew! :roll_eyes: :smiley:

What about my question?
(Yes, it IS all about me, thanks for asking ;))

If I had entered “one foot, seat in front (not against body)” on my standard skill score sheet. Would I get points if I held the seatpost against my leg to help steady the uni?

The difficulty judges would give you “100.” That means to subtract 100% of the value of that skill. Zero points, because you will have done the wrong skill.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. a) 1ft seat in front, against body 3.8
    b) 1ft seat in front 4.5
    c) 1ft seat in front - c 4.7
    d) 1ft seat in front - 8 5.0
    e) 1ft ext, seat in fr against body 4.0
    f) 1ft ext, seat in fr against body - c 4.2

Only 0.7 points different, but you have to do the skills you put on your list.

I will learn to do it without the seat touching the body. This way i can get more points in standard skill. if i ever compete in it…Anyway this way no ones complaining.