Level 5, An Historic Moment

Congrats to Ben Edwards and Jerry Moffitt, both age 12, of The Unicycle Uni-versity Unicycle Club on passing Level 5 this week. It’s an historic moment for our club. We’ve been in existence for just over one year and Ben and Jerry (gotta love their ice cream) are our first Level 5’ers. Ben’s younger bro Brad (9) will probably pass Level 5 soon. We are so proud of all of them!

Bruce Edwards
The Unicycle Uni-versity

Re: Level 5, An Historic Moment

That’s awesome, Ben and Jerry rip!


Both to them and to you (for encouraging/assisting them)!

way to go

Will you coach me next?
I’ll be contacting one or all three of you for pointers.


lvl 5 In ONE year?
That’s incredible.