Level 5/6

>John Foss <Unicycle@aol.com> writes:
>>It’s time for the IUF to make a decision on Skill Levels. This is a call for
>>opinions from anybody, but I’m especially looking for opinions or feedback
>>from the other members of the IUF Skill Levels Committee. Last summer, the USA
>>switched a pair of skills between levels 5 and 6, moving 'hop standing on
>>wheel 5 times’ to level 5, and ‘walk the wheel for 10 meters’ to level 6.

I’ve never been tested, but I can do all of the skills at level 4 and most of
the skills at level 5. My major stumbling block in the level 5 transition is
either of the 2 skills requiring your feet on the wheel. I’ve started working on
both of them and I’d have to put my vote in for wheel walking as being the
easier of the 2 skills. Without even trying to get on and off my seat, just
trying to hop on the wheel seems like it will take forever.

I’ve only just started working on these skills and I may change my opinion as I
work on them some more, but at this time I think wheel walking should be the
level 5 skill and hopping should be level 6.