level 3 w00t

i just completed all the skills today for level 3!!! i have been riding for a little over a month now and i was wondering if this is the average speed of most people?

ur going way faster then me!!! well done
ive been riding for way longer then a mounth and i only level 3

thanks a lot. yeah i dont have anyone to unicycle with so i dont have anyone to compare to or anything like that. I also noticed that that was both of our 70th posts.

hahahahaha so it was id ride with you but we live in difrent counties if i right

uk and uSA

yeah the ocean could be a barrier stopping us from riding together. haha

Heh, I’ve been riding for 4 months, and I still haven’t done all the level 2 skills yet.

I don’t really understand the whole skill level thing…
well its not that I don’t understand it but I just don’t find it neccasary! cuz like I personaly ride for the fun of it…so whatever

actually it would be sorta coool to ride across the ocean on a huge giraffe
ive thought about it, and the hardest thing would be making and mounting it

Heh, 6 mile giraffe. I think that beats the record.

haha that giraffe sounds like a neat idea. It would need to be a MUni girrafe though to handle the ocean floor. Just slap a Coker airfoil rim on there and your good to go.