Level 13 creative UPD?

Is there a prize for most creative UPD?

Tonight, out on the Coker in a field full of cows and cowpats, I hear a rhythmic whifwhif noise as I was riding, and I thought I migh have a puncture.

I looked down and the tyre looked a bit wide at the contact patch.

So, I slowed to a stop, and thoughtfully pinched the top of the tyre between thumb and forefinger and gave it a firm squeeze to assess its firmness. I felt OK, but I gave it a second squeeze just to be sure.

At which point, I remembered that I cannot idle the Coker, especially on rough, cowpat-strewn ground…

An onlooker, had there been one, would have laughed merrily.

Turned out, thhe regular whifwhif noise was a fold of my trouser leg catching on the edge of the tyre as I pedalled.


I’m getting a vision of someone unicycling over a cliff… sitting there for a second thinking “oo, this is comfy, it’s like riding on air!” before falling down, Road Runner / Coyote style…

Phil, just me