Level 10 Unicyclist :) Yay!

Yeah, so how many people can say they have a Level 10 Unicyclist?

By the way, the game is Diablo II, I play USEast, and the account name is Unicycle for that character :slight_smile:

I can say I am, but I’m not haha!

I said have :sunglasses:

I’m such a nerd sometimes.

Anyways, I have progressed learning wheel walks lately… I can go about 30 feet or so… and tonight it took me all of about 5 minutes to learn to go into a wheel walk rolling, instead of mounting into a wheel walk.

That’s awesome congrats! I really need to learn that next.:o

1) I am too so don’t worry. :smiley:
2) Congrats my friend, you’re now 1 step closer to perfection.

As for what level i am, you might want to read sponge 2nd sig to find out what i prefer. :smiley: