level 1!

I’m happy. after 5 days of riding i am a level 1.
just thought i let you know.


and evan if you say i’m not your a selfish loser who thinks no one is better then you.

Thats pretty good took my almost 2 weeks.

Congratulations. Gotta start somewhere. I guess technically I’m still level 1 even though I can hop, idle, 180, crank grab, ride backwards and do 5 types of mounts because I can’t mount with my left foot. Can anyone clarify this for me? Am I really still level 1?

Re: level 1!

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004 17:41:47 -0600, “Sigurd” wrote:

>Am I really still level 1?

Unfortunately yes. For level 2, you have to separately mount with left
foot and mount with right foot. (And for level three, where the left
and right requirement doesn’t apply, you have to have completed level
2 first.)

You might try the left foot mount with another size wheel (for me, a
borrowed 20" was easier than my own 24"), and/or try setting the seat
lower. Otherwise, just practice.

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Re: level 1!


In the spirit and intent of the requirements, you could be a Level 1 rider if you are a member of the Unicycling Society of America, have been tested and successfully passed.

Congrats on your accomplishments.


Not srictly.

If the rider in question wishes to recieve a certificate or badge to celebrate their passing the level they would need to be a member of an a national body that has adopted the IUF levels and tests and passes out awards for them. This MIGHT be the U.S.A or the UUU or…
Anybody can use the levels informally.

And before its gets too confusing- The new USA levels that Carol is talking about with teirs and specialisums are the USA levels NOT the IUF levels. In the UK, the UUU test and award to the IUF levels scheme, UUU testers will test any body but only UUU memebers can be given certificates as the UUU pays for them.

A UUU levels tester.

i have read that level 1-4 dosnt need a offical to test.
please correct me if im wrong

Current USA rules say that you do not need to be tested by an official USA level tester for Levels 1 to 4.

Under the current USA, Inc. level testing structure, testers for Levels 1 - 4 do not need to be certified.

I would agree that a test for levels 1-4 do not need to be certified but I would submit that a test should be administered.

In our club, we set up a specific test and follow the rules, i.e., no practicing between skills, same uni for all skills, etc. We believe that the “official” test adds credibility to the rider’s achievement and award.


thats true but i really dont care that much about being “officaly” a level 1. its just a way to show my skill level for me.