Let's support Dan!! (and unicycling)

Ok, when Dan posted this a while back, I immediately made an account and voted for him, but it looks like there’s only 6 votes for him, possibly five other votes from the “haters.” :frowning:

I’m disappointed to see all of the negative feedback on his video. Although I dislike how they edited his footage because the originals looked much better in my opinion, I still think we should all write nice comments and vote five stars!


So let’s all get together to give Dan and especially unicycling in general our support. I know that this site may not get much traffic, but it does get traffic from a wide variety of extreme sport enthusiasts.

Also, if you write a comment, don’t argue with the “haters,” but just write how you like the video. Don’t sink down to their level.

wow that was a good vid!

I was hoping you were talking about me… :frowning:

and me!

not me

sweet…wish i was that good…

gee thatnk all :thinking:

Well we did get 11 replies, but only one more rating vote. Not too bad really, at least all of the negative comments are off the front page. Too bad most unicyclists seem lazy about making an account, haha. Oh well.

I rated it 5 stars. A Legend like Dan is worthy of no less. Come on guys, give Dan the respect and feedback he deserves.


I made an account but it won’t let me rate it.

Still, at least the comments have improved

Hmm that’s odd. At least you tried though, it’s perfectly ok. I did notice that the rating thing shows only one star because it doesn’t work, but if you search for the video then you will see that he actually has 4.2 stars. :smiley: