Let's see some photoshop editing

I was just playing around with some filters and stuff on Photoshop, and I came up with this. It started out as me just balancing in the living room (although I got dressed up, just in case it came out good.

I liked the result so much, I made it the main graphic on my club’s site.

And I am VERY unartistic (thank you, filters) so there must be some pretty wild looking stuff out there!


It looks like you’re wearing a skirt.

‘looks like’ ?

That’s one of the new Roach kilts. It’s going to be the new trend in unicycling wear. You don’t wear anything under the kilt so you can get the effect of riding in the nude without actually being nude. Everyone has wanted to try riding a unicycle in the nude, and with the new Roach kilt they can. Just be careful on the big drops that the kilt doesn’t fly up and cause some unexpected exposure.

looks to me like those are… maybe colored pencil… and maybe… that other one… crap what is it called… some Japanese form or art… oh well, here’s my cool pic with filters

-Jonathan Ware-

ps. what version are you using?

what kind of unicycle is that bagpiper?

looks neat!

what kind of hub does it have?

It appears to be this one: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=626

which has a profile hub.



I copied out the blue part of the jersey, used a charcoal filter, pasted the jersey back in and used cloured pencil on that.

Photoshop 7.0

I did a little bit of messing around…:slight_smile:
Ignore the painting…

This thread will demonstrate my awsome skills in photoshop:




nice, and humble too!!

-Jonathan Ware-

that should be an event at UNICON, photoshop editing

not unicycle related but here is some of my photo-chopping, the top photo is the original and the bottom is mine.

I was expecting to see those people riding away on unicycles in the touched-up photo. :slight_smile: I think a Muni would fit right underneath that woman.

my photoshop

I’ve been working with photoshop for a while now, more in image creation than editing actually. I really enjoy creating sunsets starting from a blank slate, you’d be surprised what you can make! (i’ll post an example soon enough) but last summer, I put up a photoshopp-ed image on my picture site, I really like it because it is right in the middle of a 3 foot gap or so.


I cannot say this is an original concept as I was inspired by one of the random images I have as a background.

Neverthless, thumbnail below, link here.