Let's Ride

Since this social group hasn’t being used for anything so far, it might be a good place to put discussions about potential casual rides and get-togethers. Maybe we could have a thread per event here and they would be easy to find since they won’t scroll down so fast, then announce anything on the main forum when it’s definitely a go.

We seem to be pretty well geographically spread out so we can’t really say, “Hey, I’m going riding tomorrow. Wanna come along?” But I propose keeping it simple: no official registration, printed schedules, t-shirts, catered meals, any of that–unless you’re into it, of course. Mostly it takes someone to say, “I’ll definitely be in this place at this time with this kind of unicycle, come on if you want to.” I’m thinking anyone interested could be a ride daddy/momma/parent, to be responsible for setting the date, location, and agenda, helping the rest of us know what will happen, and trying to keep track of who’s in and out.

I live on the coast near Topsail Island. Guess that puts me a ways away. However, riding on the island is a lot of fun, and beautiful scenery!

Thanks for checking in, Mark. Rem48 lives somewhere along the coast too, and others of us have been known to drive that far on a number of occasions and for a variety of reasons. :slight_smile:

Feel free to put a suggestion out and see what interest there is, if you’d be interested in being a ride daddy too.

Hey Eddie, I’m in. Yeah, I’m in Virginia, but I’m close.

If anyone is driving up this way, let me know and we can do a road or trail ride. I live near Claytor Lake State Park which has nice roads and trails. I am 3 miles off I-81, Exit 101 which is 20 miles north of where I-77 comes in.

Great, Jeff! I’m a couple of hours away, nothing I couldn’t do as an easy day trip. Let’s see who else pipes up.

I’m thinking I might be a ride daddy for two events, an all-levels muni ride and a 36er rode ride to get my max distance up. Muni could be at Lake Norman State Park, or we could go and scout out Sauratown Mtn/Moore’s Springs Trails. Or, there are the loops here in Greensboro that I know pretty well, and they’re plenty challenging for me at least–I can’t ride either all the way around, but no one would have trouble walking what they couldn’t ride.

For a road ride I’ve been thinking about doing something down in Moore County around Pinehurst. The roads seem fairly quiet and there are some good maps for cyclists in that area. Seagrove is in one direction, Plank Road toward Fayetteville in the other.

Open to suggestions here…