Let's here it from the "old" folks!

I’m curious as to the ages and numbers of “old” folks still actively riding a uni. I just started up riding again this year at age 47 after taking a 30+ year break from riding. I’m loving it!

I was looking at the results from NAUCC and noticed that last age group was “over 40”. How about a few responses from the over 40 gang (you know, the older and wiser uni riders :sunglasses: ). I’m especially interested in who is the oldest rider.

While we’re at it, how long have you been riding?


Well I am not exactly over 40, but I am a knocking on the door. I started riding at 36 and turned 37 after riding for a couple of months. I learned how to suicide mount just a couple of days ago. (Kind of an off the wall comment I realize, but I am pretty pleased with myself.:smiley: )

I Started to learn to uni in Feb '03, just a couple of months before I hit the BIG 50 :smiley:


I’m 43. Learned at age 16. Rode extensively thru college then frequently ever since. For most those years I rode very well forwards, OK backwards, very good idle, could go down steps diagonally and that was about it.

Then a couple years ago I got back into very regular riding when my eldest finally decided to take it up. Now I’m level 4 and 2003 NAUCC Trials over 40 Champeen (beginner :D).

I think if you study the NAUCC 2003 stats you will find many of the 50+ put us 40+ to shame.

I’m 56. Originally learned to uni at 45…rode for a couple of years (only forward, nothing fancy), then put it down until 54, when I discovered this group and got reenergized. Now I’ve learned a bunch of new skills and keep working on more! I MUni every week (the dark side hooked me), and play around with trials to the extent my knees let me. Addiction? Quite possibly. :smiley:

Ride on,


I’m 51. I began riding when I was 11 and rode annually but not passionately until about three years ago.

Keith Williamson heads the Arizuni unicycle club in the suburbian Phoenix area. He has a member who learned to ride when he was 91 and another who learned at 76 and then taught his wife of 72 to ride.

Isn’t there another word that starts with “f” that follows “old”?

I’m 40. I bought my first uni a couple of years ago and can now ride it a bit and free mount now and then. At the same time my dad bought his first and has progressed at about the same speed. As you can guess, we don’t devote much time. Oh, my dad…


Now, that’s old.

I looked up “old” in my dictionary and found Old Faithful, old fangled, old fashioned, old fogy, Old French, and Old Frisian (not to be confused with Old Dutch).

I’m sure your word must be in there somewhere.


Old Flatus

I’m 42… started riding last year…

I’m 46, rode when I was a teen, started up again about a year ago. Riding a coker , can freemount it and do the other level 2 skills except mount with opposite foot. I also have a 29" Yuni but have been focusing on the coker for awhile cause its so much fun!

Forty year old here. Started riding when I was 8 years old. Rode very actively through grade school, high school and college. Then off and on until about a year ago. Like jpcycler said, “then I discovered this site” and the rest is history.

Since then, I have bought 3 more unicycles and have riden my unis several hundred miles. All three daughters have learned to ride since then also. Plus, I now own a Muni, which I ride almost exclusively. It is a mix I built from KH24 wheelset and Yuni frame. My poor ol’ Schwinn must be awful depressed hanging upside-down out in that cold garage. I wonder if he and the 6’ Giraffe communicate to each other and dream of hitting the roads again one day?

In the past year, my most memorable uni-excursion has been an 11 mile ride around the Cades Cove Loop in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Jump mounts are fun, but I’m waiting for deep, soft snow to try suicides:) Congrats Bugman!–chirokid–

47 for a couple more days… started riding a year and a half ago, commuted on my uni - often 24 km round trip - for an entire school year after learning to ride during summer break, rode furious MUni during the second summer, worked up to some easy North Shore stuff, did lots of geezer level trials till I broke my leg while hopping down a flight of stairs this Sept. But, happily, back in the saddle again now.:smiley: just shy of my 48’th birthday.

I’m 43. Just been ridin’ for a couple of days, but I’m gettin’ better.:wink:

Actually, it’s been a few decades, on and off, and I’m not really getting any better. Just older. The uni’s haven’t seen daylight since the move to glamorous Louisiana, but the unibike is holding me over until the next relocation.

BTW Harper, did you reach 5B4 51? Congrats are in order either way!

Happy Birthday, Erin!

Turned 43 last month. Started riding in the mid 70s, stopped about 1981 or 1982 and didn’t ride for about 17 or 18 years. Been going strong since 1999.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Fifty here. I started up riding again this year after taking a 30+ year break, too!

45 year old here. Have been “riding,” if you can call it that, for a couple of months now. I can ride a few hundred yards on smooth, level ground until I tire. Looking forward to someday having a reliable free mount.

Harper, the word you are searching for is probably the German verb “fahren” which means “to ride” or “to drive.” In Germany we would all be known as “alten Einrad fahrten,” or paraphrasing in German/english slang, simply “old fahrts.”

Well, good luck on your next ride, or as the Germans would say, “Gute Fahrt!”

Re: Let’s here it from the “old” folks!

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>BTW Harper, did you reach 5B4 51? Congrats are in order either way!

I have it from a trusted source that Harper lost interest in 5B4

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Re: Let’s here it from the “old” folks!

I’m 50. I started riding at 47, except for half an hour in the
mid-80’s. I started riding after I taught my then 11-y.o. daughter to
ride, based on info from this very unicycling group and other internet

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Friends don’t let friends drop to flat - Kris Holm, discussing large drops to flat ground.”

I’m 45. Learned to ride and free mount about 13 years ago when I took up juggling; but the uni fell to the wayside :frowning:

Picked it back up about 15months ago. Since then, I’ve mastered idling, learned several mounts, taken up Muni, learned to freemount a 6’ giraffe, ride (a borrowed) Coker, and can (13 years later, finally) juggle & pass clubs while idling.

Mixing uni and juggling:
Though juggling on a uni is fun, I personally have much more fun riding uni without the juggling, and more fun juggling off-uni.
It’s a great combination of interests though: I get to take both kinds of toys to either kind of convention :slight_smile: