let me see some pics of your uni

the title is pretty self explanitory if you have more than one post the trials one or the most cosomized uni

The only pics in my gallery are of my unis - Bedford 20" and Bedford 29".

not yellow anymore, but I still like how it looked! :sunglasses:

terry…you shoulda left it yellow!

anywho heres my uni that i ride mostly


Yep. But when I finally have it PCoated It’ll be in yellow.:slight_smile:

My street/trials/muni right here:
Ill post a picture of my new freestyle when it all comes in monday whoo!

This is my muni. There are probably others like it (although I’ve never seen one), but this is Mine.



how big is that hookeworm tire

my uni

here is my bedford uni, with kh/onza hub and cranks, with a (now it is BROKEN) kh seat, and a luna tire.

Mines a KH20…stock…sense you asked for a pic…

Cheater! :roll_eyes:


I don’t have any pictures of my 29er or my other one maybe next time they are fully assembled I will snap a couple.

that’s nessie


primo tenderiser/jim c’s
luna tyre
kh freeride rim
thomson post
GREEN kh fusion
kh frame
blah blah…

more pics http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=189732

My trials is like Irvinegrs… But with flames :wink:

I’ve no good pics of my muni… well I do, but the site is down for some reason :’(

my torker DX before it broke:

unicycle 003.jpg

unicycle 002.jpg

Here’s a pic of one of my Muni’s:
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\My Briefcase\Muni by bridge\102_0251.JPG

It doesnt work, you linked to a picture on your hard drive, it must be uploaded to a website first.

Here’s a pic of one of my Muni’s

Yeah, I had a brain-fart. It’s fixed now:o