"Let Me Ride 2"

More Trails and street unicycling footage…check it out

Neat video. I enjoyed it.
Can you do any tricks w/ using your double crown.

Double Crown

Thats Tims double crown–he just got it…lucky bastard worked at unicycle.com so he got better deals than me…lol he was one of the first to get one…but he hasnt tried much with it yet…i know i would if it were mine

For some reason I always have a habit of trying to choreograph the clips to the music…does anyone notice that…is it lame?? or good?


If you can edit to the music that’s good, but I’d think it’d be hard to do it well w/ most songs (easier to pick a song to match most of the clips). When Dan Heaton would film he would often have a specific song in mind for the line he was about to film.

It’s good to match the music to the video, I do it. But its only good if you do it right. I think you did a pretty good job on it. Mixed quite a bit of styles in there, which is cool. My only recommendation is to not do some special mount before each trick. Almost every beginner can do them, and you have so many better tricks than that.

thanx for the positive criticism fellas

I didn’t like it at all. Because youtube says it’s not available in my country.

Same here :angry: Stupid Youtube

Damn…is there any way to fix it?? check my myspace page…myspace.com/1wastedday
click the videos link under my profile pic

Im trying to use Adobe Premiere now…wow that shit is mad difficult :thinking: