Let it snow!

Hello everyone. It’s been a busy fall, but here (finally) is a little video update. I made this for all you unicyclers in the sunny south :slight_smile:


I have seen that unicycle on Ebay, Still looks Confusing to me…

What’s the question? … perhaps I can enlighten …

I think he is talking about the frame

and I thought riding around in the soft sand around here was a challenge. That looks like soooo much fun!

The frame actually has shocks, which makes for a very comfortable ride for an old fogey like me (when I’m actually riding, as opposed to falling off repeatedly) :slight_smile:

To add strength and keep the forks from separating, they’ve welded on the u-shaped brake -thingy (the name of which escapes me at the moment) - that’s the part that probably confuses people …


It was a LOT of fun (even if the neighbours think I’m completely crazy) (you can see glimpses of them being very mature and shovelling snow in the background - where’s the fun in that?). I’ve seen some footage of Chris Holm doing snow very competently, so obviously I have some practicing to do:D The layer of ice underneath the snow didn’t help.

Shouldn’t you be helping shovel snow instead of playing? And what’s with that big guy beating up on those children?

ha ha ha. I repeat: where’s the fun in that? And I just don’t have any footage of the children beating up on the big guy.

wow you already have that much snow? i’ve barely gotten an inch here.

Yep - and it snowed all that day, and most of the next, too. It’s beautiful.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog?

Hey - I realized something. At least ONE of the reasons I was falling off so much (aside from general incompetence) is that my feet kept slipping off the nylon pedals because of the snow. I changed the pedals today and will give it another go … here’s hoping!

What did you change them to?

Just $20 Schwinn alloy cage pedals - let’s just say I won’t be using them with bare legs! I’ve tried uploading a pic, but it isn’t working for me.